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Innovative in every way, Eobuwie has been leading the footwear market for over 20 years. Stocking high-end designer brands as well as the world’s most trusted sports brands, customers from all over Europe have come to rely on Eobuwie as their port of call for the latest shoe releases. Eobuwie is recognised as one of the most prominent ecommerce brands in Poland and earned a plethora of awards from the likes of Effie, PRCH Retail Award, eCommerce Poland or Magento’s Imagine Excellence (in “User experience” category). Today, Eobuwie is one of the largest online stores specialising in footwear and accessories in Poland

Women’s boots

Spring is just around the corner, that’s why buying shoes at a bargain price that will perfectly match the outfits for the first warm days is a great idea! Women’s boots are certainly among them. It is definitely worth paying attention to models made of natural leather, which will be properly cared for for several seasons. What’s more, the natural leather is breathable, so leather boots will be suitable even on sunny days.

Women’s sneakers

Like spring, there are also sneakers. This sports footwear has become a permanent feature of the collections of the largest fashion houses, such as Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. This season, variants of ugly shoes, i.e. those with thicker soles, will still be in fashion.


Fashionable styling also includes stylish accessories. eobuwie.pl is a great opportunity to get a branded watch that will work both in sets for work and for larger occasions. The promotion will also include women’s handbags and baseball caps , which are a hit among hats for this and the upcoming season.

Man’s shoes

In men’s fashion, trends do not change as dynamically as in women’s, so buying shoes is an investment for several seasons. What men’s shoes to choose? Such discounts are a great opportunity to buy shoes , trappers or trekking from famous brands, which are much more expensive at regular prices. Footwear with a higher uppers will be useful for the upcoming transitional season, as well as during trips outside the city. In turn, for next year you will have decent shoes for fall and winter. Also pay attention to sneakers , a classic in men’s wardrobe, in line with the trends of spring 2022.


Fashionable men’s styling is not only well-tailored clothes and stylish footwear, but also accessories. Refresh your style, stock up on a branded watch on a bracelet, leather or fabric strap. Also pay attention to hats: beanies or baseball caps . The discount will also apply to trouser belts, which are never enough in a men’s wardrobe. During this promotional campaign, you can buy cheaper products from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger , Calvin Klein , Timberland and many others.

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