Best Furniture Website is one of my favorite sites.

There’s much to love at, from interactive value propositions to brilliant product descriptions.

While browsing the site, I kept seeing things that I consider to be best practice in ecommerce from this pureplay ‘direct to designer’ store.

Check out my findings and see if they resonate with you.

Interactive, Animated Value Proposition

The Visitors who are visiting for the first time need to understand the value proposition.

It is especially true when your company is a pureplay without a high street presence, as is the case with Made. By removing middlemen and producing furniture in batches, the company offers designer furniture at lower prices.

In order to manage expectations, Made has to inform the customer of factors such as delivery.

Obviously, this is a positive message, since it’s all about value. The animation that below shows the best interactive design of a website. To me, it’s an effective use of web design.

The Carousel On The Homepage Shows Social Proof

Web Design That Is Contiguous

Design of is congruent with the design of the products it sells and with the design of the ideal homes of its customers.

What I mean by that is the website ‘fits’ the products perfectly. There’s a minimalism and clarity to the site that is also sought in the furniture and homeware on sale.

Before I sound too up my own backside, here are a couple of screenshots to demonstrate.

Crowdsourcing Of Material With A Financial Incentive.

Under the header’ real inspiration,’ each product page has a call-to-action asking users to send us their photographs,’.
This is a huge dedication to consumer material. It demonstrates that Made recognises that as a pureplay, it must work hard to generate engagement that would otherwise be pursued on the high street.

Even though users orders have yet to be fulfilled, buyers must regard the pieces as ‘real’ in way to involved with the website and explore as if they were in a store.

Reinforced Word-Of-Mouth

Many organizations will pay a referral fee if existing customers get potential friends to join them. What’s particularly intriguing about Made is the way it presents the deal.

The number of friends to whom a buyer refers is equated with the value of a piece of furniture that the incentive may be used to purchase. This is really appealing and adds another visual element to the page. Furthermore, both the referrer and their buddy earn a discount, which is a clever way of enticing both parties to participate.

Zoom To Infinity

Made makes every measure to maintain the user that they are receiving high-quality products. There’s little doubt that purchasing to order, or spending £500 for a sofa without first seeing it, is a leap of faith for some.

The product search zoom is useful and highly sharp for those who are not readily persuaded. As shown below, the zoom box can be moved all around product image in the window. It definitely helps to obtain a sense of the finish and gives the impression of inspecting the goods with a magnifying lens.

Product Images That Are Cleverly Angled

Examine any of the distinctive furniture on, particularly the sofas and chairs. The main product shots are taken very close up and from a low angle.

It’s a minor detail, yet it adds a sense of grandeur to the products that cannot be overlooked. One is displayed above, but here’s another just in case.

One might believe that this is a common tactic, but have a look at the image below of an IKEA sofa: no angle, no shadow, no grandiosity, and less urge to buy.

Insisting On Calls-To-Action

Because made furniture is… manufactured, the countdown timers are already built into the service. The items are created in batches, which are counted down by timers.

However, incorporating a timer in the call to action to buy, as well as the standard high street price (with a slash), is a highly powerful touch.

‘Compare With’

Recommended products to match this item can be seen towards the bottom of product pages, usually on more expensive items such as sofas.

This copy is clever because the recommendation is packaged as fashion advice, which is a very different beast to cross sell.

At the bottom of product pages, there’s also a ‘recently viewed’ products display, complete with thumbnails.

Outstanding Product Descriptions

There is a range of advertising strategies, celebrating the design’s legacy, softly attempting to cross-sell, highlighting comfort and style, and recommending showrooms for anyone interested in a closer look.

Each description text is neatly accompanied by one of the attractive product photographs, which may also be seen on the product page carousel.

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